Creating Impact. Where it Matters Most.


Through Plastic Action, you can offset your plastic use and help restore nature's balance. Your offset will enable plastic waste to be recycled in Uganda and drive the critical innovation needed to build a socially inclusive, circular economy.

Currently there is no formal waste collection system in Uganda, which has the third fastest growing population in the world. More than 600 tonnes of plastic are dumped every day, and 90% of this is burnt illegally, discarded or mismanaged destroying the environment and human health.

To address the plastic emergency, Eco Brixs has developed a socially restorative circular economic recycling system where individuals can earn an income from recycling their plastic at one of the Eco Brixs community collection sites. Using innovative technology, this plastic waste is turned into products to be used again, like bricks, fence posts and reusable PPE. This not only recycles plastic but also saves carbon, with 1.5 tonnes of carbon saved for every tonne of plastic recycled.


Eco Brixs specifically focuses on providing green job opportunities for marginalised communities who typically face barriers to employment and are disproportionately impacted by climate change. 50% of staff are disabled and 50% are women.

By offsetting your plastic through Plastic Action, you'll be part of a community helping build a zero waste world, where every individual is given the opportunity to live and work in a safe and healthy environment.

Learn more about how your plastic offset creates positive impact and the communities and innovation behind Eco Brixs here